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Combuild Australia is a progressive building company which going from strength to strength due to its commitment to construction excellence, innovative design and efficient service.

Over 20 years of experience

Established in 2006 Combuild Australia has evolved to become well known building company with extensive experience in Commercial and Residential construction as well as Home Refurbishment.

Combuild Australia has completed a number of projects and has built a reputation for being respected as a client aware construction company. It is from this experience that we can ensure to meet your specific needs within your budget and time constraints.

Whether your project is multi-stories office block or home renovation we will work closely with you or your personnel to establish specific requirements and to fulfil your expectations.

What we do

We can help you to maximise your investment with minimum risks. Investigation prior to site selection means fewer planning problems and considerable savings in construction costs. We are able to advise on all aspects of site selection, town planning, zoning requirements and the availability of existing and future services.
We are experienced in dealing with local governments and their building regulations. We can convert your project ideas into approved building permits with minimal delays, saving both time and expense by avoiding resubmissions
If you need assistance to get your ideas down on paper, or want your plans modified, our drafting services can make sure you get what you need before the project starts.
All new buildings need to be built within strict energy rating guidelines. BASIX Alterations and Additions is a NSW Government initiative that requires household renovations to include cost-effective and practical measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and potable water consumption, and improve thermal comfort. We can help you ensure your project is compliant and environmentally friendly

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